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Message to readers of An Aid to the MRCP PACES

Please do your bit by contributing to the survey after every occasion that you sit PACES. Click here for the survey which went live in July 2007.

As with previous editions, the survey will form the basis of the next editions of the books. Your contribution is vital. Thank you for your support.


All PACES candidates, past and present, who have sat the exam and like the "An Aid to the MRCP PACES" books are encouraged to fill in the survey. The books exist as they are because of previous candidates, over the years, who completed this survey and you are invited to do your bit by doing the same for the candidates of the future.

The survey will form the basis of the next edition of "An Aid to the MRCP PACES". Tell us the cases that you had and relate your experiences.

To protect the data being collected from internet search engines etc, the survey is held in a secure area in this website and access requires a username and password.  Please use:

Username = mrcp_paces
Password = Candidate!       (NB capital C and exclamation mark)

Click here to enter the secure site where the survey is held.

Online community of PACES candidates

The secure area holding the survey (username and password above) has facilities which could be used for an online community of PACES candidates: discussion forums, document and image sharing, sharing of useful links etc. Candidates may use these facilities if they wish - click here.